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Insurance Policy:

Ridgefield Dental Care PC is not a primary provider of any single dental insurance.  Currently however, over 70% of our over 2,000 patients have dental insurance that we file for them.  They are able to use their benefits at our office.  It has become too difficult over the years to keep up with the hundreds of dental insurances and their frequent changes.  


What we do instead is provide a fair fee for services rendered. 

We do not piggyback extra services to make up for low insurance fees.  We do not perform unnecessary procedures.  We do not sell any dentistry. 

What we do is provide complete attention to the patient in the chair.  "One doctor for one patient."  

We also file all insurance paperwork electronically for you.  We are happy to wait for insurance payments to come in and then contact you for the difference.  There is almost always a difference that the patient is responsible for due to deductibles, co-pays and insurance percentages that are not covered by any insurances.  Traditionally those are 25% for fillings and 50% for crowns and dentures.

We do offer "in office" interest free payment plans for anyone who asks. 

We do discount our fees for those who show need.  We also accept Care Credit

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